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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Nose Knows


'Scent of Desire' by Rachel Herz. ... The nose knows. Pity olfaction, the least celebrated of the five senses: In one poll, people ranked smell as the sense they'd mind losing the least. But, says Herz (Psychology/Brown Univ.), one of a handful of researchers doing groundbreaking work on the psychology of smell, the ability to smell the world around us shapes and informs every part of our lives-particularly our emotional existence. When robbed of a sense of smell-whether through head injury, severe depression or other cause-we lose a vital connection to the material world and its sensual pleasures. In thoughtful and accessible writing, Herz explains why it is that smells act as such direct conduits to emotional memories. Herz explains "why we smell" is perhaps the most fascinating. Smell not only underlies the ability to tell which meat is rotten and which is fresh, but also potently affects sexual attraction, and not as Coco Chanel might have thought (the grand dame of fashion once said, "Without perfume, women have no future."). Before you apply deodorant tomorrow morning, consider that it is in fact the natural body odors we spend so much time trying to cloak informs us of who we will choose to mate with and who we will avoid. A delightfully unexpected blend of personal anecdotes, pop-cultural erudition and scientific understanding.
'Shyness' my Bernardo J. Carducci. This is the first book I've read on shyness and it's written very well. It seems that books like this are either written for an audience of Ph.D's who perform social research for a living, or for an audience with an 8th grade education. This book is neither - it delivers straight forward content in an articulate fashion that is both easy to grasp and enjoyable to read. I have tried several of the techniques described in the book and so far have had some pretty good luck. Those of you who know me don't know that I'm pretty shy. I guess my secrets out. Be sure to check below for the Discount Code to receive a Discount on these two eBook titles.

Scent of Desire, The eBook edition by Herz, Rachel
The first and definitive book on the psychology of smell, The Scent of Desire traces the importance of smell in our lives, from nourishment to procreation to our relationships with the people closest to us and the world at large. Smell was the very first sense to evolve and is located in the same part of the brain that processes emotion, memory, and motivation. To our ancestors, the sense of smell wasn't just important, it was crucial to existence and it remains so today. Our emotional, physical, even sexual lives are profoundly shaped by both our reactions to and interpretations of different smells.
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Shyness eBook edition by Carducci, Bernardo J.
Shy Facts Shy children are not destined to be shy adults. Shyness does not equal low self-esteem. Shyness is not a "disease," personality deficit, or character flaw. Humans aren't the only species to experience shyness. Scientists have been studying shy cattle aswell as shy cats, shy fish, and shy dogs. Some of the world's most famous, richest, smartest and bravest people are shy.
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