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Friday, October 19, 2007

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'What You Don't Know Can Kill You' is a "Must Read" book for anyone who is experiencing any type of medical problem, especially a serious or life threatening illness. This eBook educates the reader on how to navigate their medical records, how to determine if their physician is certain of a diagnosis and if the scary things have been effectively ruled out and most of all I found that Laura Nathason's method that any person, with or without prior medical knowledge, cold learn to look through their records and push aside the nearly 90% of impertinent material to find the things that play a key role in their health status. Whether you have any medical problems or know someone who does this book is a good resource to have at your fingertips.

'Fit And Sexy For Life' Kathy Kaehler's book is full of good basic common sense about dealing with health and fitness in your forties, fifties and beyond. This eBook honestly discusses the physical and emotional problems many of us experience in our forties and beyond. 'Beyond' being the operative word here for I try not to use the "F" Word if I can help it. I found the information regarding exercise and nutrition to be very practical, and easy to fit into any lifestyle, which is the key to staying with any program.

What You Don't Know Can Kill You eBook edition by Nathanson, Laura W.
In 2003, Dr. Laura Nathanson was widowed after the misdiagnosis of her beloved husband. After this tragedy, she was determined to help others protect themselves and their loved ones from similarly preventable health care disasters—and help them benefit from health care miracles. In What You Don't Know Can Kill You, Dr. Nathanson provides a guide to getting the best medical care and navigating our frustrating and often impenetrable health care system. In clear, non-medical language, she shows how to: Flag any signs of misdiagnosis and misleading analysis of symptoms Prevent miscommunication among specialists from having dire consequences Stay safe in the hospital and bypass its dangers· Choose a health care plan without falling into the "uncovered services" trap Full of empathy for each individual patient and caregiver, What You Don't Know Can Kill You will empower patients to be their own best advocates.
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FIT & SEXY FOR LIFE eBook edition by Kaehler, Kathy
Kathy Kaehler is the personal trainer to many top-tier celebrities and a spokesperson for Propel Fitness Water. The resident fitness expert on NBC’S Today show for many years, she lives with her husband and three children in Los Angeles, California.
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